Solid Opals are our Passion

Located at Lightning Ridge we love the stunning local opals, which are the best quality in the world.

Every piece of opal we sell is sourced directly from local miners.

Solid Opals are one piece of natural opal , cut and polished. Opal jewellery, designed and hand crafted in silver or gold. Unique Opal Carvings. Quality Opals at unbeatable prices.

Opal Jewellery

Only the best quality Lightning Ridge Opals are used in my jewellery.

Cut Opals

Every polished opal on my website has been hand cut to optimise the beauty of the opal.

Carved Opals

The process of 'carving' an opal is to seek out the natural shape of the colour displayed in the opal.

Music of the night

25.95ct solid Lightning Ridge opal carving. Following the contours of the opal, there appeared (to me) the mask from Phantom of the Opera. Stunning rich blues, vibrant greens through to soft green and purple. Beautiful range. Approx 35x37mm.

Collectors piece

Music of the Night

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