Cut Opals up to $500

Cut Opals up to $500


Opals have a huge range of qualities and commercial grades. All opals are priced to an industry standard and it is this standard that dictates that an opal must be perfect to command a high price.. Ok. most opals that are mined are not in the commercially perfect catagory, but are no less beautiful!. In fact, I believe some of these opals are even more beautiful than their more expensive relatives. We have a huge range of opals in the 'up to $500' catagory. Not all are displayed on this site, so if you do not see what you like, please feel free to email me and ask for pictures of opals in your price range and colour preference.

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Product no.: JCST062

Good sized solid grey opal. There are several shades of green with blue undertones

and has a freeform shape.


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can be shipped within 3-5 working dayss days

Product no.: BCST114

An interesting and wonderfully unique opal. Grey potch and great colour formed in stripes. Very bright.


In stock
can be shipped within 3-5 working days days